antenatal classes in Barcelona

Antenatal course after summer holidays 2017!

The 6th of September we are starting a new antenatal course, join us!!

Es-tu enceinte? Voulez-vous prendre des cours prénataux en anglais?

Through the course « Parto y Movimiento » you will keep your body fit and healthy as you prepare yourself to give birth.

L'objectif de nos classes prénatales est pour améliorer vos compétences et la confiance, Ainsi que pour vous préparer à un l'expérience positive de la naissance. Nous aimerions vous aider deux partenaires de se impliquer dans la préparation pour le travail, la naissance et la parentalité précoce.

In September 2017 we start a new group à Barcelone.

  • Sur Wednesdays in Enric Granados 135, 3-1 (between Paris and Corsega) (6e , 13st 20e and 27th of September and 4th of October).

The course takes from 19h to 21h and it costs 150€.

In addition to the theoretical part, there is an adequate corporal preparation to enjoy your pregnancy and birth next to your partner. You will experiment how breathing and movement can be allies in your birth. Parto y Movimiento

[…]We took anti natal classes. Their calm, positive and loving attitude calmed me down big time, gave me trust and prepared us for our little miracle. I can’t recommend her enough! I truly believe all couples; especially expat couples need someone like them by their side.

Sev, James et Luca

[...]We felt they gave good advice and information with no bias as to which options were the best for us. Her knowledge and experience of different birth scenarios helped us to prepare the birth plan that we wanted and her vibrant and friendly personality kept us calm and made us feel supported and cared for throughout the process.

Sarah, Adam et Thomas

Pour plus d'informations, se il vous plaît contacter Vickydoula 687986913, ou et

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