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Advice on safe babywearing

A few days ago was published in the press (online, paper, TV) the tragic news that a baby died asphyxiated in London to be ported on his scarf. In relation to this not indicate that the carrier which was known, or as was the baby. Building on this theme, I would like to reinforce the importance of [...]


Almost a year ago he published the post "Donate breast milk" which explained the steps to be a donor milk and who is helping with this milk. http://vickydoula.wordpress.com/2013/01/17/donar-milk-materna/ Today write because even though the Maternal Llet Banc de Catalunya (BLMC) works from 2011 remains unknown among women may [...]

"The mother has many desires" Monica Casabayó.

A book tender, honest, clear and useful to accompany women who are going through breast cancer with small children. But if this is your case, your reading will help you to understand and live next to Monica, and attitude in everything we do so is almost everything. "Mama, [...]

Video "motherhood accompanied" by Vickydoula

Today comes out on video "accompanied motherhood" made with love by Patricia Burgos to publicize the importance of being together for the first time motherhood. Take this opportunity to thank all the families who have had me as a doula for letting me into such a magical moment [...]

A great story to understand the birth ...

A cute, clear, graphic story ... A good resource to explain the smaller as in the birth process. Very useful for children when they are going to have a new member in the family. Eugenia was born, "The story arises within the Association's Our Childbirth as part [...]


Famosas como Salma Hayek, Halle Berry o Carla Bruni han sido madres a los 40, y es que cada vez hay más mujeres que posponen su maternidad más allá del periodo de mayor fertilidad (18-32). Los últimos datos del INE nos indican que en el 2010 el 22,4% de los nacimientos fueron de mujeres mayores […]

Early premature contact of mother and save 200 million

The Kangaroo Mother Care (MMC) method, based on the early contact between mother and newborn, along with breastfeeding could mean for the Spanish healthcare savings of over 200 million euros, according to a study neonatologist Adolfo Gomez Papí. The data are based on a study of the Hospital Joan [...]

Some truths about breastfeeding ...

Hi, come to hand this letter, written by an anonymous mom who has nursed and I think it mirrors the reality for many of us, therefore, today's blog I decided to post and I intend to thank this woman's you have written so clearly all these truths. I hope [...]