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Pregnant in Barcelona

Well, if you are pregnant first at all: CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are already living a wonderful experience and soon you will be living one of the most important experiences ever: you will haver your baby with you. Pregnancy can be really amazing, specially if you are for the first time. Specially when if your are living this […]

Why you should go to Antenatal classes

When you are preparing for the birth of your baby, it can seem as if there are a hundred and one things to sort out. However, the one item on your ‘to do’ list that you should not ignore is attending an antenatal class. It is here that you can address your concerns about the […]

Early Skin-To-Skin after birth: benefits

Skin on skin contact is when mother and babies are put together with their skin touching, without clothes or blankets between them. This physical touch it is specially important after birth: contact between the mother and baby since the first second after birth. This early “skin on skin”contact should encourage, even after a c- section, […]

How to store breast milk safely

Breastfeeding can be really convenient: milk is always ready and warm for your baby. But probably you will want to pump and store milk for when you are away from your baby or to donate it. You can do it but… Do you know how to dot it safely? What kind of containers should I use […]

Baby sleep: what is normal?

All the parenting books say the first year with a baby is spent in a haze of sleep deprivation caused by night feedings, teething, ear infections, etc. All the moms you know look also exhausted or not tired at all and sometimes you feel you are doing something wrong… But, what is normal for baby […]

ALBA celebra la Semana Mundial de la Lactancia Materna 2017

En el marco de la Semana Mundial de Lactancia Materna 2017, celebración Europea, el grupo ALBA Lactancia Materna quiere ofrecer a asesoras, sanitarios y familias interesadas en esta materia, un nuevo evento de periodicidad anual, con la estructura de una Jornada. Al ser el lema de este año “Sosteniendo la Lactancia Materna Unidos“, una llamada […]

New group: Antenatal Clases in English in Barcelona

Prepare yourself for a positive birth experience! New group: Antenatal Clases in English in Barcelona! Through the course “Parto y Movimiento” you will improveyourskills and confidence, experimenting a wide variety of positions and movements that combined with the breathingwill be your allies in your birth. The aim of the course is for you to experience your childbirth consciously […]

Una exposición homenajea a madres donantes y bebés prematuros

Durante la 25º semana Mundial de la Lactancia, que se está celebrando durante esta semana, podréis visitar una exposición de fotografía que recorre 12 instantáneas de momentos muy íntimos en los que vemos a bebés prematuros, madres amamantando y madres donantes. Esta es una exposición que quiere homenajear a estos pequeños héroes sus familias y […]