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What are Doulas?

You might have seen the word ‘doula’ pop up in pregnancy magazines or on parenting websites, and of course in this website… Maybe you have wondered what it is they actually do or who they are. Well, a doula is is a professional trained in childbirth who provides emotional, physical, and educational support to a mother who is expecting, is experiencing labor, or has recently given birth. The doula’s purpose is to help women have a safe, memorable, and empowering birthing experience.

What does a doula do?

Most doula-client relationships begin a few months before the baby is due. During this period, they develop a relationship in which the mother feels free to ask questions, express her fears and concerns, and take an active role in helping to create a birth plan. Doulas are not medical professionals. They don’t deliver babies or provide medical care.

Most doulas make themselves available to the mother by phone in order to respond to her questions or address any concerns that might arise during the course of the pregnancy. Doulas do not provide any type of medical care. However, they are knowledgeable in many medical aspects of labor and delivery.

Having a doula present can:

  • shorten first-time labour by an average of two hours,
  • decrease the chance of C-section section by 50% and
  • decrease the need for pain medication.

The role of the doula in early breastfeeding support can also help women reach their goals of a satisfying and successful transition to motherhood. And yet, many doulas may not be aware of new and important research into risk assessment for mothers and babies for whom early breastfeeding does not go smoothly.


What do I do as doula?

I help you to experience a childbirth consciously and positively with your partner by your side. I give the information you need to have in every stage and also help to cope with birth, as well as keys for breastfeeding successfull, if you want!

If you are looking for a doula in Barcelona, please contact me

34 687 98 69 13


Antental Classes in English Barcelona – January

Prepare yourself for a positive birth experience! New group: Antenatal Clases in English in Barcelona!

Through the course “Parto y Movimiento” you will improveyourskills and confidence, experimenting a wide variety of positions and movements that combined with the breathing will be your allies in your birth.

The aim of the course is for you to experience your childbirth consciously and positively with your partner by your side. You will get tricks to help you to cope with every stage of birth, as well as keys for breastfeeding successfully.

In January 2018 we start a new group in Barcelona

Mondays at 19:15h (29th of January and 5th, 12th, 19 th, 26 th of February) inCoBaby

Carrer Sepúlveda 65, bajos 4º Metro Rocafort (L1) or Sant Antoni (L2)

Theoretical Practical exercises 170 €

For further information contact me at // 687.98.69.13


El Hospital de Martorell dispondrá de una “casa de partos”

El Hospital de Sant Joan de Déu de Martorell crea las primeras habitaciones para parir como en casa en la sanidad pública.

La casa de partos del hospital de Martorell estará compuesta por un par de habitaciones con luz natural y lejos de la zona de partos del hospital:

  • Una tendrá bañera y silla para el parto, una cama grande donde descansar acompañada si se quiere, espacio amplio para deambular, hacer ejercicios con la pelota o dilatar dentro del agua.
  • La otra habitación es el espacio posparto, donde pasarán madre y bebé las siguientes 6 horas, donde descansar antes de irse a casa sin haber notado que se estaba en el hospital.

Con la madre habrá siempre una comadrona –la madre tendrá siempre a la misma profesional con ella– que controlará el bienestar fetal.

Las mujeres que podrían ser atendidas en una casa de partos son las que llevan un embarazo de bajo riesgo. Estarían excluidas quienes han tenido antes una cesárea, por ejemplo. Pero, además, si se rompe la bolsa o hay cualquier signo de sufrimiento fetal, está establecido cómo pasar a la zona hospitalaria. Los protocolos y los profesionales son los mismos.

Se espera que estén disponibles a finales de 2017.

La iniciativa pionera en Catalunya se prepara en paralelo en el hospital de Sant Pau y el de Igualada, y siguen tres grandes centros del ICS: Vall d’Hebron, Joan XXIII y Can Ruti.

El objetivo es que toda mujer que quiera pueda dar a luz con la mínima intervención clínica, en un espacio amable pero seguro en los próximos años.



Almost a year ago he published the post "Donate breast milk" which explained the steps to be a donor milk and who is helping with this milk.

Hoy write because even though Banc of Llet Materna de Catalunya (BLMC) works from 2011 remains unknown among women who could be donors and further still is expected to receive around 2013 only half of the amount that would be optimal.

¿Best for what? Well to feed 9000 babies born very prematurely in Catalonia in 2012, that is, before 32 weeks and weighing less than 1.5 kilos.

The collected milk BLMC is treated as a drug and is that many of these babies human milk saves lives. When premature babies are as vital organs are very immature, especially intestines and lungs, and their immune system is very weak.

Breast milk contains proteins homologous to human and immunoglobulins that fight infection, and none of it is in the infant formula sold in pharmacies, which always come from the cow, says Francesc Botet, head of neonatology at Maternitat Hospital Clínic.

To breastfeed premature babies, the mother should be encouraged with any stimulator element milk obtained without difficulty many, but not all. And is that not having your baby with you, stress, and other factors impede the production of breast milk.

The BLMC meets the demand of 12 units of Neonatology at supplying this production. He is currently receiving between 60 and 100 liters of milk donated a month, but would need 200 to avoid times of scarcity.

But ideally they could continue to provide breast milk beyond the 34th week of what would have been his intrauterine pregnancy and other babies who are not sick but his mother did, could also opt to receive this white gold offers the human body.

Therefore, encourages you to donate you can, However slightly, add account !!


Video "motherhood accompanied" by Vickydoula

Today comes out on video "Maternity accompanied"Made with love by Patricia Burgos to publicize the importance of being together for the first time motherhood.

Take this opportunity to thank all families who have had me as a doula for letting me into such a magical time in their lives and especially Sara, Aisha and Sara who volunteered to open up for the camera with all that that entails. Thank you!
A Eli for their invaluable support and fantastic work as a midwife. I leave here your website to learn more their work.


Some truths about breastfeeding ...

Hi, come to hand this letter, written by an anonymous mom who has nursed and I think it mirrors the reality for many of us, therefore, today's blog I decided to post and I intend to thank this woman's you have written so clearly all these truths.

I hope you enjoy it as much as the IM!

Time passes, breastfeeding falls into that strange category of prolonged and then ends and ... begin to see things with a strange clarity. And, really, I get all pissed at the amount of nonsense that have no enjoyment as it's most beautiful phase of my life. If I could start again ... oh, if I could start again ...

Give boob does not hurt. No, it does not hurt. I would repeat endlessly (and beyond).
There is no question of holding. Not at the beginning, during or at the end. Pain is a warning that something is wrong, that something needs to change ... and fast! I should have sought help before the tears took me when my baby clutched to his chest, or he sucked. Before noticing the so full and hard and tense boobs hurt just to touch them. Before, long before my nipple becomes full of cracks. Before infection make me scream in pain ... Before suffering!

I had me surrounded by moms who also gave chest. Since I got pregnant ...

¡o antes!
Just talk to someone in the same situation as you are already a remedy against many breastfeeding problems. View, share and live feeds other lactations yours. Now I always say: if you do not know anyone, find a support group, someone to see anything, but then you look like the silliest thing in the universe.
Someone had to have told me that health professionals tend to have no idea repajolera breastfeeding.

Now I have found that, unfortunately, titles such as pediatrics or nursing do not guarantee any knowledge on breastfeeding. Today look for trained professionals, aware and motivated, which also exist (Few, few, but growing).
Yes, had to be activated the alarm as they questioned my ability to breastfeed and my baby to feed. And those foolish advice! How much damage do terrible things like "every three hours", "10 minutes on each breast ',' at 4 months start with other foods," "at the beginning is normal it hurts ',' is not eating anything," "you are left with hunger ',' no gains weight that does not suck enough, "" we must give him a little help "," bottle-reared equal "," 6 months is enough ',' if you give pregnant tit abortarás "... Ugh.

I would have been more patient at baseline.
In an ideal situation without interference had taken my baby to the breast to the first and I had left out. But in the hospital, light, noise, spectators, anesthesia, nerve, medical protocols ... ugh, we need calm, knowing that everything will be okay, but will cost a bit more. Gotta try positions, make sure that gets to the nipple, provide a lot more often, empty the breast before they swell too ... and calmly, very calmly, is achieved.

Tennis Habermas denied that separated.
Not for me to rest, or to bathe, or to make routine tests or milk. If the first few hours, the first days are so important for breastfeeding, there is no excuse.
There had to be hidden clock and card weight.

Si es "A question" is because each baby takes its rhythm and know what you need and what you ask and you give it ... then, why tormented me if I asked every 5 minutes or every 3 hours? How distrusted myself when I was 3 days (and nights) calling nonstop (now I know it's just a growth crisis
And that is normal!). And how tortured me with gram fattening or not every week or every month.
What could I do to be better? No, I do not mean to lose weight or makeup (also, if what I want). It was my emotional state. He needed to be around people who understand me and not have doubted. I needed an environment that would help me enjoy my upbringing, even make vital changes the body called me crying ... Yeah, listen to me, listen to me without hesitation.

Talk a lot with my partner.

Try to lean a lot on it, but not require impossible.
And, although I admit bug, understand that yes, a bottle is better love breastfeeding resentfully.

Try not to become so big burden that carried me from guilt, and resentment, and it made not the least enjoy breastfeeding. Yes, these things happen often. Emotional, professional issues, couples, of any part of the environment ... I would try to make the necessary changes in the situation began to be uncomfortable to keep it all explodes.

But if I had to come, if the difficulties overcome me, I blame the. If you were to arrive, would clear that my situation has not been adequate and thus it is impossible to follow. I forget the perfect feeding in her head, because there are no ideal situations. Lactations are real, unique, intimate. Respectable as is the decision to breastfeed and do the time and the conditions I, just decide. And I feel very proud of what I have achieved themselves for having got there. And it would pass well my dear baby, because the end of the day is the only person who deserves an explanation.

With love,
No mother in particular (and many in general).

cuadro doula

What does a mother who has just given birth?

The other day I read a great post written by a mother describing what they want most moms after giving birth and claimed more understanding models of natural aging. And it made me think.

In my work as a doula, I know all kinds of postpartum mothers, and each of these women taught me daily that all have the same essence FEEL THE LOVE FOR THEIR SONS AND DAUGHTERS. And that, yes, in capital letters, regardless of parenting to carry out.

Regardless of whether they have simply tried to breastfeed; whether they have achieved and maintained directly on demand or have preferred to opt for the bottle,

Whether practice co-sleeping (sleeping with your baby in the same bed) or practice Estivill Method (or similar) putting in his small cot in another room,

Regardless of if they want to return to work, or not, or risk taking sabbatical or simply resigned to the situation because they have no other

Whether portean your baby in stroller or wear it ...

Regardless of whether you spend time with their children and play with them or not ...

Regardless of all parenting models exist, which is really important to me is that every puerperal woman has the right to:

  1. To learn freely from the options available
  2. Having emotional and practical support to carry out what he has decided
  3. NOT FEEL JUDGED but validated their decisions

And that's the beauty of being Doula, being NEUTRAL, almost transparent but helping mom with information, support and non-judgmental!

And that means RESPECT accompany other, leave the ego at the door of every house because one does or does not do, is always the mom and baby that do, and I thank each of the families that I have accompanied and accompany you for allowing me and remind me every day to find my place and what is the essence of motherhood ALL: LOVE.

bañera mater

We have a hospital in Catalonia where to give birth in the water !!

Today we have good news!

The Parenting Hospital Clínic of Barcelona inaugurated on Wednesday the 17/04/13 Water delivery room, both were waiting, where women in labor may dilation and pass if they wish to give birth in the waterBecause midwives are specialized to attend this type of delivery. Although not the first Catalan hospital where a bath (also has the Sant Joan de Deu de Esplugues the Arnau de Vilanova in Lleida, Taulí Sabadell or Piu Valls), in the other you can only spend the dilatation in the water and not give birth.

The room with bath can be adapted to what you want by the Mom remote control, being able to adjust the water temperature, and other amazing things like the smell, the colors of the walls and even the images that are projected on the ceiling !

The water birth is greatly expanded in the rest of Europe and is less traumatic births is encouraged. The warm water helps dilate the muscles and at birth allows the end pushing smoother and painless. Besides the monitor to control the baby's welfare is waterproof, so it poses no added risk.

Really Maternitat is still a benchmark for deliveries respectedWith its PART program, they have managed to avoid episiotomy in 30% of births and generally allow women to decide how to give birth.

In fact, this improvement is due to the growing demand for this type of delivery, so I encourage you to keep asking and proposing birth plans, because it is a proof that things are changing for the better! Hopefully this is a reference to follow for the rest of hospitals and private clinics.

cesareas CCAA.jpg

Evolution statistical data relating to childbirth

On Sunday March 24, 2013 was published in El Pais article very interesting society in relation to published data on caesarean section rate in the different regions of the country.

I attached the end:

"The theory is far from practical. The WHO recommendations (maximum of 15% of cesarean) Ministry of Health and still not be reflected in the reality of everyday Spanish delivery rooms. That means there are thousands of women in Spain with their bodies paying excessive interventionism "said Adela Recio, president of the association Childbirth is ours. Besides the differences in communitiesMentions the "strong and unjustified variability with which available Caesarean sections at different hospitals. In a same region, Valencia, we can find a hospital with 15% of caesarean sections and another 70% ". And points to another problem: "While Caesarean sections have stalled, instrumental deliveries have started to rise. This is something of great concern, since an instrumental delivery is not without risk and is increasingly abusing them, "he says. "They also increase the inductions, Another of our major concerns, "he adds. Instead, episiotomies have halved in 10 years.

Los experts reiterate that it is the attack of this practice (caesarean section), it saves lives, bell reduce the number of Caesarean sections are performed without clinical criteriaBut rather organizational or otherwise.

The the clinical criteria inciting to practice cesarean (quoted in the article) are: short templates in hospitals / small clinics that need schedule deliveries to organize, in private, the fact that a cesarean is paid much more than childbirth, fear of legal proceedings underway to protect the doctor doing a cesarean ...

The medical criteria are detailed in the following chart published in the El Pais article quoted and whose source is the Ministry for Health, WHO, Dir. Gynecology Hosp. Cruces and El Pais:

indicaciones médicas cesarea ELPAIS 240313

En mi web de interes en el Parto-espana/ are the updated data.

If you want to read the full story:




Every doula should acogerse to a Code of Ethics ...

I think it's important that each doula respect a code of ethics, decalogue, etc. in which it agrees to some basic principles. In my case, I welcome the ethical code of the Association Mares Doules to which I belong. I detail below ...

  1. A DOULA MARE is responsible for his own practice in any environment where it decides to work. In all circumstances safety and welfare of the mother and baby have to be of paramount importance.
  2. A MARE DOULA listen and offer help, but does not give advice to the mother and / or parents, explores the different options with them, they can make their own decisions on the appropriate course of action, and then support them in the decisions. E.g. A MOTHER Doula supports a mother at the place and in the way she decides to give birth (home / birth center / hospital), and supports whether the mother breastfeeds and bottle.
  3. A MARE DOULA works to keep the level of care and highest possible supportAlways striving to be sensitive, to enrich, to empathize, not to criticize, based on their knowledge, being flexible, trustworthy, highly organized, practical and protecting mothers and / or home environment.
  4. One BIG Doula NOT perform clinical or medical tasks, Does not provide medical advice or diagnoses, although it has been formed as a health care professional before becoming a doula or while exercising as such. Also if the doula is also qualified as a therapist in another field and wish to apply this knowledge in practice, it must be clear that they are two separate roles. The mother needs to know who accompanies her at all times.
  5. One BIG Doula will refer clients to other appropriate resources or professionals when the client has needs that go beyond its powers as doula.
  6. One BIG Doula accurately inform on their training and experience and not deceive other doulas, childbirth or professional customers (through their website, brochures, mail, interviews, etc.) in terms of their level of education or experience as a doula.
  7. A MARE DOULA always be honest, show integrity and respect verse customers, doulas and professional colleagues with whom you can work.
  8. One BIG Doula shall not disclose personal and confidential information which has been notified by its customers while working as a doula, without permission from their clients.
  9. One BIG Doula will limit the number of clients you have to create a balance among its responsibilities versus their own family and attention to families who need it.
  10. A MARE DOULA are advised to keep reports of their activities eg accompanied the birth and / or postpartum work.
  11. One MARE doula endeavored in develop and maintain positive working relationships within the community of doulas and birth.
  12. A DOULA MARE will be responsible for maintain and increase their knowledge and education by going to courses, workshops and conferences within its scope.