Las 10 mejores fotos de partos // 10 Powerful Birth Photos

La Asociación Internacional de fotógrafos de parto ha anunciado los ganadores de la competición del 2017. ¡No te dejarán indiferente!

Cada una cuenta una historia de dolor, perseverancia y finalmente alivio… La emoción expresada al acoger a tu bebé por primera vez no se puede transmitir con palabras.

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The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers has announced the winners of their 2017 contest, these photos will leave you amazed!!

Each one tells a story of pain, perseverance, and finally, relief.

Many of the photos below are intense and graphic, so reader discretion is advised. They are all, however, powerful in their own unique ways.

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Trobada prematurs 17 i 19 Novembre 2016

l‘Associació de Prematurs de l’Hospital Clínic-Maternitat (ASPREM-HCM), es vestirà de lila per celebrar el dia mundial del Prematur acompanyats de les famílies dels nens prematurs i dels professionals de l’àmbit sanitari de la unitat de neonatologia.

El proper dijous 17 de novembre, Dia Mundial del Prematur, la Maternitat de l’Hospital Clínic acollirà, tal i com ja es va fer l’any anterior, la tradicional penjada de mitjonets, acte emmarcat dins la campanya a nivell mundial “Socks for Life” per donar el tret de sortida d’aquest dia tan assenyalat per ells. A continuació s’oferirà un esmorzar per a les famílies assistents i l’acte finalitzarà amb la lectura d’un manifest i l’enlairada de globus dedicada a tots aquells prematurs que ja no estan entre nosaltres.

I el dissabte 19 de novembre, no falteu a la Festa del Prematur que faran conjuntament amb altres associacions, per tal de celebrar plegats el dia del prematur.

Serà a Esplugues de Llobregat, al poliesportiu Parc Pou de Can Fèlix, entre les 10 i les 14h.

Es tracta d’un acte lúdic, on hi haurà actuacions, animació infantil, mercat de 2a mà de productes infantils, expositors d’empreses relacionades amb la prematuritat i estands informatius de les diferents associacions de prematurs de Catalunya, que participen a la festa d’aquest any.




Proyecto “Post partum”

The beauty of stretch marks and scars postpartum

In Yodona he has been published Article that I attached is not wasted.

Transcribe an excerpt:

[...] Reclaim as a pride and not shame these "war wounds" left after giving birth, this blogger and Social Media Strategist 'created by the photographer Paula Pellicer the project 'Postpartum', Which they have captured the beautiful imperfections of eight mothers and 16 children. [...]

Gi congratulate Soroka and Laura Pellicer for raising such a real issue as the non-acceptance of our body after birth due to social pressures and media to achieve an "ideal" body regardless.

hipopresivos 2

Hipopresiva gym to get in shape // Hypopressive fitness to regain your figure!

If you are thinking of getting in shape and back in shape after the excesses of the holidays,la gimnasia hipopresiva es tu solución!

Only takes 5 sessions to learn the method, and then spend 20 minutes a day.

The gimnasia hipopresiva is a comprehensive exercise strengthens the muscles of the abdominal musclesAnd that contributes to downsize and get a belly plano.Y most importantly, does toning the pelvic floor musclesAnd this is one of the main benefits of this type of exercise. They are therefore particularly suitable for women.

The Hypopressive method is for you if:

  • Want to get your figure, reducing waist and strengthening the muscles.
  • You have any type dysfunction urinary incontinence, perineal little or similar tone.
  • You need to back pain and postural improvement.

Courses can be in small groups, in pairs or individual home. Contact and find the option that best fits your availability! 6879869136

hipos con bebe

If you are thinking about being fit and regaining your figure after the excesses of the holidays, hypopressive method is your solution!

Hypopressive fitness restores the musculature function, reducing waist circumference and improving body. It is also the safest and most effective way to recover after delivery because it stabilizes spine muscles included core muscles and pelvic floor providing more resistance.

Hypopressive fitness is for you if:

• you want to reduce your waist line, recover your abdominal diastasis and flatten your abs.

• you suffer from some type of pelvic floor dysfunction which is common after delivery (urinary incontinence, low pelvic floor tone…)

• you suffer from back pain and you want to improve body posture.

If the schedule of the course does not fit you I also offer private classes. Contact me for further information! 6879869136




CAMPUS FOR MOMS, ¿lo conoces?

El próximo 13 de octubre empiezan las clases del “Campus for Moms”, lo conoces?

¿A quién va dirigido? Buscan emprendedoras que estén montando negocios vinculados a la tecnología: web, internet, apps y otras y que quieran formarse para lanzarse en ello.

¿Cuál es su contenido? Campus for Moms se divide en ocho sesiones, una cada semana, que abarcan todos los temas a los que se enfrentan las emprendedoras: diseño de producto, finanzas, legal, imagen, marketing, etc. Cada una de ellas se divide a su vez en bloques con pausas para facilitar la atención a los bebés.

¿Quién puede participar? Campus for Moms está orientado en primer lugar a madres con bebés (y padres). Las mujeres -y hombres- sin hijos también pueden participar, pero su inscripción estará supeditada a la existencia de plazas, las cuales son limitadas.

¿Niños de todas las edades? Las clases están pensadas para participar con bebés de entre 0 y 1 año.

¿Cuánto cuesta? Campus for Moms no tiene ningún coste para los participantes. Lo único que se requiere es un compromiso de asistencia a todas las sesiones.

Características: Las salas donde se imparte el curso están pensadas para asistir con bebés de entre 0 y 1 año: tiene colchonetas, un cambiador, moqueta, etc. Y los ponentes son conscientes que las madres deben atender a sus bebés.

¿Dónde se hace? En Madrid. En Impact HUB Madrid, un espacio dedicado a la innovación en el corazón del Barrio de las Letras.

¡Ojalá proliferen iniciativas como ésta!

¡Felicidades a todas las emprendedoras que iniciáis el curso el próximo martes!!


In January ... hipopresivas to get in shape!

As an instructor of Hypopressive Advanced Method Marcel Caufriez during the January start a new group (in addition to continuing tutorials for those hours do not fit).

With Hipopresivas refund to the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor function support of internal organs (preventing and correcting incontinence, abdominal flab, etc.). We work with the deepest abdominal so that after two months our muscles respond even at rest, protecting the pelvic floor of the impacts of everyday life (running, sneezing, coughing, lifting, etc) while we reduce waist circumference and correct posture.

The results I'm having are great.

If you dare to come over the next two months I will be pending correcting posture and ensuring that work is done efficiently, then only will the system ...

The course is 6 sessionsThe first introductory basis of the method and abdominal tests, four for the FOLLOWING learn the method and thereafter Iniciais work at home for four weeks, so that the last session serves to finish polishing and answer questions.

At the end of the second month we will meet for abdominal tests again and evaluate improvement and decide whether it should continue a little longer or if it is sufficient to maintenance.

The fantastic thing is that thereafter are offered a powerful tool to recover muscle tone and abdominal pelvic floor that you can implement when you need.

The price is € 80 6 sessions. Each session is 1 hour.

Classes will be Wednesday at 10:15. They will begin the day 21/1/15.

The place: The Club Workshop. C/ Martin stenographer 8 (Metro L3 Les Corts)

If not you good schedule, please contact me at and if you know any women that you think might interest I should be grateful if you do get!


Damn lice ...

Lice can not stand when I suspect that one of my sons may have put me furious, and it is not only the treatment, comb and so on is change the sheets, put washers (sheets, cushion covers, hats, blankets and others) and stress if someone else in the family can have them. A Christmas until my mother had to do the treatment ;)

Anyway, I realized that what happens is that we have many misconceptions around this parasite so nasty, so I have now proposed to clarify some points that will help us stay calm and achieve remove them.

- Head lice are insects that not jump or fly. Just walk quickly. They can move from one head to another very easily through contact or a garment.

- Lice are not a disease or pose risks to health.

- The nits not spread. Only lice.

- Lice can live out of a head up to 48 hours without feeding. So you can spread via cushions, pillows, chairs, etc.

- Lice yes they are waterproof. It can be spread by lice in a pool, but they do not swim but float and nits do not come out with water, as they are very attached to hair

- Lice are not spread by poor hygiene. They like both messy hair like clean. So we should not be ashamed of having lice and other of not communicating a case. We must prevent them from spreading. Anyone can get head lice.

- The girls are infected more lice not because they often have longer hair and yes because they often have more physical contact between friends.

- Lice animals are not transmitted to people.

They are translucent and its color varies from light to dark gray beige; depending on the color of hair, skin and where they live, this helps to camouflage. So they are not easy to detect. Unlike about nits are small, oval eggs and if they are not difficult to remove dead hair.

- The cause of itching caused by lice is not their bites and yes they inject saliva to feed them.

- The lice lotions do not serve to remove the nits.

Well, if you ever you live the experience, patience (not easy for kids to be quiet with wet hair while we look like monkeys ...) and encouragement, which ultimately eradicated forever !!

Familie in deinen Händen

Large reduction in working hours to 12 years !!

From December 22, 2013 has been extended in four years time period in which the working men and women can apply for a reduction in working hours for childcare. Currently you can do until the child is 8 years old, while with the new standard will extend the term to 12 years, As happens in the administration.

So for all of those you have enjoyed in the reduction or want to do it soon, congratulations !!

As you know you can order anytime, no need to apply at your reinstatement after sick leave. Although it must be done 15 days in advance to be effective.

The advantages of reduced working hours are:

  • Work fewer hours
  • Have protection against unfair dismissal
  • Compensation for objective dismissal or voluntary termination of contract per Cobras as if you were full time
  • Unemployment cobras the same as if you were full time
  • You decide how many hours you work a week (you can reduce you one eighth to half the time)
  • You are entitled to the same number of public holidays (14) days of vacation and own business (if you have your agreement) than full-time. What happens is that each of these days you're going to charge the same percentage reduction on wages

Even if you go to charge less rough after reduction, keep in mind that sometimes you will not lose as much as you think because:

  • In some cases, payroll concepts should not be reduced as some diets or in most cases the surplus of transportation.
  • According reduction may lower the retention rate of income tax so the net would fall less than gross.
  • After reduction may need less transport costs or eating out.

For all this to be effective, it must be done right, and it is therefore advisable to seek professional counseling external or internal (union, etc.) to get to know your rights and obligations.

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La mare te molts desitjos

"The mother has many desires" Monica Casabayó.

A book tender, sincere, clear and useful accompany women who are going through breast cancer with small children. But if this is your case, your reading will help you to understand and live next to Monica, and attitude in everything we do so is almost everything.
"Mama, you have many desires, right? Yes, many. Why? Because you drop tabs, "said Xavi, 5 years old, his mother a few months after starting chemotherapy. In that conversation innocent but full of positivism, has emerged the title of this book.
In order to help as she was helped by two women who had gone through the same situation, the book is a practical proposal suggesting how to cope with the effects of treatment in a family with young children.

Explain how and why the mother is sick? From humility but with the satisfaction of having completed the stage, the text has finished raising even the admiration of the player Andres Iniesta who has written the foreword.

The copyright of this book are intended entirely to Make a Wish FoundationWhich helps make the wishes of children with chronic diseases. "


Early premature contact of mother and save 200 million

The Kangaroo Mother Method (MMC), based on the early contact between mother and newborn together with the BreastfeedingThey could mean for the Spanish healthcare savings of over 200 million euros, according to a study by the neonatologist Adolfo Gomez Papi.

The data are based on a study of Hospital Joan XXIII de Tarragona, Which has implemented Gomez Papí MMC, and concludes that this system has been achieved drastically reduce the income of preterm infants.

According to the pediatrician, who advocates abandoning industrialization of births in favor of the rights of the mother and newborn and generalize the implementation of MMC, this method babies three times more fat than those in incubator and are fewer days in the hospital, making a savings of 7,600 euros per admission.

The savings that could implement this method in Spain has been extrapolated from the latest data from the National Statistics Institute, which indicate that 30,000 infants were premature and did not exceed 32 weeks of gestation.

To Catalonia savings would more than 22 million, and the benefit is not only spending cuts but carries a significant benefit to the baby and family.
Papí Gómez remarked that the MMC along with breastfeeding, attachment entails faster, reducing stress in the newborn and the mother, baby better temperature, lower respiratory tract infections, a lower risk of deficit care in the neonatal period and even decreased morbidity among preterm infants.

According to Gomez Papí, we have seen that while anxiety and distress of parents of preterm infants reduces the fear is lost to address the special needs of these babies, they also feel more secure, and parents returned the role of caring for their children.

Although slowly being implemented in hospitals in Spain only 40.9% of the centers actively working in order to develop the MMC in its neonatal ICU, according to the latest report published in 2012 by the European Science Foundation Network, "Parent Involvement and Kangaroo Care in European neonatal ICU“.

Countries like the UK, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands have recorded a 100% acceptance of this system in hospitals, 73% in France and in Italy and has achieved a 80% penetration in NICU services .

You can download an excerpt from the report published in the editorial obstare: