Giving birth in a public hospital

You are assigned to a given public hospital based on your place of residenceIf you want to change the hospital, you should ask to your CAP midwife, around the 33th week of pregnancy, a "derivation" to another hospital.
NOTE: If you want a "natural" childbirth can request a change to one of the hospitals with natural delivery protocol.
However, in case of an emergency you are allowed to go to the closest public hospital where you will be given assistance.

Here are some highlights about giving birth in a public hospital:

  • They have better technical resources to handle a high-risk situation
  • Data show that there are less c-sections performed in public hospitals compared to private ones (22% vs 34%).
  • “Natural” birth protocols are in place only in certain public hospitals.
  • Choosing the medical team (doctor, midwife, etc) is not possible. The team you will get will be the one working when you get there.
  • Rooms are shared and there is no extra bed for your accompanying person. However, some hospitals have private rooms so you can ask if there is one free and pay for it.
  • There are some restrictions with regard to visits (number, duration and visiting hours).

The public hospitals in the Barcelona province which have a natural birth protocol are:

  • Maternitat de l’Hospital Clínic
  • Hospital Santa Creu i Sant Pau
  • Hospital Sant Joan de Déu- Esplugues Llobregat
  • Hospital de Sabadell –Parc Taulí
  • Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Sant Boi Llobregat
  • Hospital de Mataró
  • Hospital General de Vic
  • Hospital d’Igualada
  • Centre Hospitalari de Manresa (Sant Joan de Déu)
  • Hospital Sant Bernabe de Berga
  • Hospital Mutua de Terrassa
  • Consorci Sanitari de Terrassa
  • Granollers General Hospital
  • Regional Hospital Alt Penedès (Vilafranca)
  • Hospital Sant Camil (Sant Pere de Ribes)
  • Hospital General de l'Hospitalet
  • Hospital Universitari Germans Trias i Pujol (Can Ruti, Badalona)
  • Hospital Vall d'Hebron

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