Baby carrying

I will bring it to your house, I will teach you how to use it properly and you can try it a couple of days if you need it.

The benefits of babywearing:

As a parent you need to be able to move around, and babies are much happier when they're close to you because you offer them calming and nurturing benefits. You will get freedom whilst caring and bonding with your child. Moreover, you can breastfeed discreetly and move around at the same time! Baby wearing lets you have your hands free to do what you need either indoors or outdoors

Also it makes going out a lot easier (such walking around in the countryside, at the beach, taking the bus, etc.), unlike a stroller, which can be a bit cumbersome in such places.

What can I do for you?

  • I can advice you to choose well according to your baby's age, to what technique you'd like to achieve, and to the frequency of use (occasionally, exclusively, daily, etc.).
  • Though in general it is not difficult to use it is important to learn how to do it in security. Therefore I will show you how to use it properly.

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