Overcome Your Fear of Childbirth Barcelona

Overcome Your Fear of Childbirth

Would you like to have a fearless birth? A birth you can look forward to?And would you like to know exactly how you can prepare for it?

Unfortunately a lot of women believe that giving birth is one of the worst experiences in a woman’s life and some women even choose not to have children because they are so scared of it. However, there are a lot of things we can do and here they are:

Number 1 – Trust Your Body: Women all over the world have given birth for thousands and thousands and thousands of years and in fact our amazing bodies are designed to give birth, right? Looking at it from an evolutionary standpoint, that’s really all we’re here for. Seeing other mammals give birth, they usually do this all by themselves and most of the time at night when it’s dark and quiet, shhhh and they are undisturbed. I do want you to take away from this is that your body knows what it’s doing. And even more so when you’re treating yourself well during your pregnancy! So trust your body!

Number 2 – Choose Your Birthing Team Wisely: Ideally you want to have a team including your birth partner, and that can be your intimate partner, your mum, a good friend, or your sister; a doula who will help both you and your partner with all sorts of things during labour and birth, a midwife and then depending on your personal preferences and financial situation, you might even consider hiring a photographer who can capture your memories. Of course you only want to work with people you trust.

Modifier ENake antenatal classes that will help you to understand the process and to be prepare for birth.

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Number 5 – Breathe: When you’re relaxed, you will naturally breathe deeper into your belly, which is so important for labour and birth.

Number 6 – Hum Your Baby Down: Breathe or hum your baby down and that’s something you want to be doing at the end instead of pushing. Most of us believe that we have to push the baby out and yes, most women actually feel the natural urge to push at the very end, and so did I. However, if you’re pushing too soon with too much force, you’re causing the sphincters of your vagina to close right in front of your baby’s head, which can slow down the process a lot. So hum your baby down.

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birth plan barcelona

Birth Plan Barcelona

Are you about to give birth? Have you already plan how would you like your birth? So probably you already know what a birth plan is, but just in case… We will explain you a bit more of what it is!

If you plan to give birth in Barcelona probably your doctor already talk about the birth plan, here you can find the template of La Maternitat (Birth Hospital in Barcelona). If you don’t have a template or still hesitate how to fill it I’m going to give you some questions you need to answer on your Birth Plan.

1. Birth Plan

  • Keep your birth plan as concise as possible—and make sure your partner and relevant family members, like your mom or sister, know your wishes too (hospital staff can be notorious for not reading birth plans thoroughly).
  • Make sure your doctor already have it before you go to give birth.

2. Who?

  • Who do you want or (sometimes more importantly) don’t you want in the delivery room? Any special instructions (everyone stays north of your belly button, for example)?

3. How?

  • Do you want anything special in the room, like a labor playlist on your iPod?
  • Would you like to move around during labor?
  • Want pain-relieving meds ASAP, or are you adamant about trying a drug-free birth? (Many preggo women have a strong stance on this matter. If that’s you, make sure your doctor’s well aware of it).
  • How do you feel about being induced?
  • At what point or under what circumstances would your doc perform a C-section? Are you likely to need one (because you’re carrying twins or have a health condition that increases your odds), and is there anything you can do to avoid having one?
  • How often and in what situations does your doc do episiotomies? If you feel strongly about avoiding one, ask how you can prevent tearing during labor.
  • Do you want Dad to cut the umbilical cord? Will you bank the cord blood?
  • How soon after the baby’s born will you and your hubby get to hold her/him?
  • When will baby’s first feeding occur?
antenatal classes

What do I explain in my antenatal classes in Barcelona?

Hello future mums!

How are you feeling?? How is your bump? Are you ready to live a conscious birth? Are you looking for help or antenatal classes in Barcelona? Well, you are welcome to join my antenatal classes in Barcelona!

How are my antenatal classes?

I speak English, French and catalan, so I can give the course in all this languages.

Normally I organize groups of 4-6 couples to share experiences, learning, tips, supporting each other… But if you want I can give you a private antenatal classes at your home.

The course has 2 parts, the theoretical and the practical part. 1 hour for each part during 4 sessions.

What will you and your partner learn?

My antenatal classes are based in Parto y Movimiento, it is an holistic method created to prepare and empower women for birth.

With Parto y Movimiento we want to give women the opportunity to have a conscious birth giving her the confidence to have a positive birth throught the movement of pelvis and breathing.

Where are my antenatal classes?

Carrer Sepúlveda 65, bajos 4º Metro Rocafort (L1) ou Sant Antoni (L2)

How much doest it cost?

170 € for each couple.

How I get further information?

You can contact me at info@doulabarcelona.org // 687.98.69.13

If you want to see opinions for other mothers, you can check them here.

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New group: Antenatal Clases in English in Barcelona

Prepare yourself for a positive birth experience! New group: Antenatal Clases in English and French in Barcelona!

Through the course « Parto y Movimiento » you will improve your skills and confidence, experimenting a wide variety of positions and movements that combined with the breathingwill be your allies in your birth.

The aim of the course is for you to experience your childbirth consciously and positively with your partner by your side. You will get tricks to help you to cope with every stage of birth, as well as keys for breastfeeding successfully.

In April 2018 we start a new group in Barcelona

Lundi at 19:15h (9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th of April and 7th of May) inCoBaby

Carrer Sepúlveda 65, bajos 4º Metro Rocafort (L1) ou Sant Antoni (L2)

Theoretical Practical exercises 170 €

For further information contact me at info@doulabarcelona.org // 687.98.69.13


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prenatal course barcelona

Testimonials of our Prenatal Course Parto y Movimiento

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Hoy mi pequeño cumple una semana y acabamos de volver de su primera cita con el pediatra. Cogió peso y altura lo que significa que la lactancia va muy bien. Esto se lo debo a Vicky porque el apoyo que nos ofreció con este tema ha sido enorme. A parte de que Vicky estuvo a nuestra disposición cuando la hemos necesitado en el hospital y en casa, nos enseñó de manera muy eficaz como hacerlo bien. Como dice Vicky, amamantar no duele si sabes cómo hacerlo y ¡es cierto!

Un abrazo, Vicky y muchísimas gracias por todo!

Alexa Profir mama de Robert


My partner and I searched for English antenatal classes here in Barcelona and found Vicky very easily online. She was extremely quick to respond to our enquiry and very helpful. As soon as we arrived we were made very welcome.

Vicky had a great way of making both the practical and theroy easy to understand, interesting and even fun. Her course is not just aimed at mothers to be and is also brilliant for fathers to be.

We have both learned so much and feel she has been a massive help for preparing us with the birth of our baby boy here in Spain. It really has exceeded both our expectations and would highly recommend Vicky’s classes to parents to be here. She has also been supportive via the telephone when we have needed some help during pregnancy.

Victoria and Adam

P1020593 copia

Being pregnant with our first in a foreign country it was important for us to find an Antenatal course in a safe environment. We read about Vicky’s services online and after mailing forth and back with her, we agreed to give her international Antenatal class a shot. And we’re so happy that we did.

Vicky’s classes have provided us with information, exercises and confidence about giving birth in Spain. She has prepared us for our (soon) new roles as parents and given us a network of other parents-to-be.

Thank you, Vicky.

Tatiana & Emil


Vicky was an amazing support to me and my husband before and after the birth of my baby girl Alia. We had a prenatal session with Vicky before the birth at home which was invaluable for my birth that ended up being a very long (36hours) and tough labour. She taught us things about labour that hadn’t even come up in the prenatal course we had already done…

Zara (Alia’s mum)