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Why you should go to Antenatal classes

When you are preparing for the birth of your baby, it can seem as if there are a hundred and one things to sort out. However, the one item on your ‘to do’ list that you should not ignore is attending an antenatal class. It is here that you can address your concerns about the birth, learn what to expect and pick up tips on how to care for a newborn.

In my opinion antenatal classes can offer all families access to up to date information, which may sound condescending to those who already have children but research continually changes what is recommended when it come to baby care. It amazes me how quickly the information we have changes and antenatal classes are a great way of delivering this ever changing information. They also provide an avenue for health promotion. The provision of this information in the antenatal period can positively affect health and life style choices for the pregnant woman and her family.

Why you should go to Antenatal classes

Information is power

Giving women information on their birth choices and labour is essential. Antenatal classes are made to prepare you for birth: make you think all of that you will want for your baby birth and how you want to live it. In fact it has been proven that women, who attend antenatal classes, often report back that the labor wasn’t as bad as they thought it would be. With proper use of the taught breathing techniques, and massages, moms and dads to be become better at how to “manage” their labor.


The better prepared, less surprised you are during labor and birth, the more positive of an experience it would be. It has been recorded that many parents were satisfied with their birth experience and transition to parenthood, and found that the information they learned during antenatal classes contributed to this enhancement. This applies to parents whose birthing experience did not go as planned, but because antenatal classes taught them about plan B.

Antenatal classes can provide information to offer reassurance during the postnatal period, those initial days at home with a new baby can be daunting but antenatal classes give parents information on physical, emotional and lifestyle changes you might experience after your baby is born that may make those first moments less stressful and more memorable.

And an extra only for dads

You will understand your pregnant wife’s needs
While your parents might stay over to help the two of you during the crucial months, it’s important that you also know what your wife is going through, both physically and emotionally. Antenatal clases help men get a fair idea about the stress that women go through when they are carrying. Eating healthy and on time, exercising and stretching must be a part of their everyday routine. Even if a gynaecologist tells you the same, men can learn about them in depth at these classes.

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