Giving birth in a private hospital

In order to be able to give birth in a private hospital you either have to pay for it in full or to hold an insurance policy (usually you would need to be insured at least 10 months before getting pregnant).

Here are some highlights about giving birth in a private hospital:

  • They tend to do more ultrasound scans than in public hospitals.
  • Blood and other tests are taken and processed in the same hospital/clinic, and so the results are available faster.
  • In a private hospital you will have a private room (more comfortable than a public hospital) with an extra bed for your accompanying  person.
  • There are no restrictions in terms of visits.
  • In most cases, they do not have the technical means to face situations of risk.  In case of an emergency you would usually be sent out to the nearest public hospital.
  • The number of c-sections performed is higher than in public hospitals.

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