Doula in Barcelona

If you need someone who listens to you, even before getting pregnant.


  • During your pregnancy often we have doubts or fears. I can listen to you, provide you sources of information or just going with you to your medical appointments.
  • I offer antenatal classes in collaboration with a midwife..The aim of the classes is that you live the whole process de una forma relajada, positiva y con confianza.La idea es que especialmente tu pareja tenga herramientas prácticas de give to your partner some tricks to make you feel safe and confortable all the time. I can also help you to prepare your birth plan..


  • My on-call starts from the week 38, therefore I will be available for you 24 hours a day.
  • During labor my support does not replace in any way the health workforce.
  • The day of birth I will be with you to make you feel safe and to let your body guide you. I will also go with you to the hospital or clinic and I will be supporting you until your baby will be born.
  • I will visit you 24h after birth.


  • Postpartum or quarantine is the period in which you must recover and adapt to your new life after birth. It is important to ask for help.

And specifically what I usually do?

    • I give breastfeeding support (I have specific training).
    • I take care of you so you can focus 100% on your baby.
    • I give you tips and tricks to make everything easier.


  • If you have had an abortionor a miscarriage and would like to talk about it, I will also be there to listen and provide you non-judgmental support.

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