I offer antenatal classes in collaboration with a midwife in English and French.

  • My contribution is complementary and never exclusive to that offered by health personnel..
  • The aim of the classes is that you live the whole process positively and with confidence.
  • Your partner will have practical tricks to be the best partner during the different stages of labor.
  • I can help you to prepare your birth plan in English and Spanish so that it can be shared with medical personnel.

I provide support to families in everything relating to administrative procedures necessary before and after birth.

  • As much in public as in private health people use to speak only Spanish.
  • After the birth you must fill the forms in Spanish.I can help with all the paperwork.
  • Furthermore, you will have to go to different institutions (Civil Register, Social Security, CAP, etc..) I can go with you to speed up the whole process.

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