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Pregnant in Barcelona

Well, if you are pregnant first at all: CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are already living a wonderful experience and soon you will be living one of the most important experiences ever: you will haver your baby with you. Pregnancy can be really amazing, specially if you are for the first time.

Specially when if your are living this experience far from our home, family and country or ever you don’t understand properly the language:.. You can be feel lost in the new system: healthcare, regular checks, or even options for birth can be a little bit tricky. That’s why this post is for you.

What do I need to know if I’m pregnant in Barcelona

Medical Care

Bacelonas maternity facilities range from large hospitals to smaller clinics and in medical terms, are regarded as being of a high standard. The bigger hospitals tend to operate under the social security system and the clinics under private insurance. Birthing options, however, are limited although this is beginning to change as more women are opting for a natural birth.

Antenatal Classes

Usually you can find antenatal classes at CAP (medical center from “seguridad social”). This classes are given by the midwifes of the centres. You should enquire at your local centre for details and normally the courses are in catalán or Spanish. Also you can come to my antenatal classes in English or French! Contact me: 34 687 98 69 13

Birth Options

The health public system is quite good in Barcelona, so it is a really good option, Maternitat Hospital o Sant Joan de Deu they have protocols of natural birth if the mother want it. Also they also have really good newborns UCI just in case you have any problem. Also you can find a lot of really good private hospitals and clinics where probably you will find a little bit better comfort for the after-birth because the installations are more modern and private.

Also you can find a lot of midwifes that will offer home birth.


In Barcelona you can find Alba Lactancia, founded in 1992 is a group that aims to help breastfeeding women with support and advice. Barcelona is full of groups that you can find here. Also you can come to Co-Baby where every two Fridays we organize a maternity coffee as a support group for mums and breastfeeding support groups.

And if you have any other doubt, you are looking for an antenatal course or a doula in Barcelona, don’t hesitate to contact me at 687 98 69 13 or drop me a line




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