About Me

Vicky Doula,

Soy Vicky González, madre de tres hijos nacidos en 2005, 2007 y 2011. Estudié administración y dirección de empresas en ESADE y durante más de 10 años trabajé en el mundo del marketing, primero en grandes empresas y luego en una ONG de desarrollo. Pero en 2009/2010 hice la formación de Mares Doules y descubrí mi pasión: SER DOULA.

I filled both accompany other moms like doula I decided to follow the impulse of my heart and make it my only livelihood. So I left my job in the worst economy in the country to do what I feel I must do, and the truth is that being a full-time doula makes me very HAPPY! And that's more than all the money you could win on any of the work I've done before.

I speak fluent French English (I'm married to a Frenchman) and my mother tongues Castilian and Catalan.

I've had three totally different births (the first was a cesarean, vaginal birth the second in a clinic and the third was at home) and each of them has made me as I am. Today I accompany every mom on her own experience, from the neutrality and respect.

Every woman needs to be accompanied for the first time motherhood, which is that cuando parimos, vivimos un primer tiempo en que somos muy vulnerables. My job consists of doula care, empower and accompany from my experience with all my love.