Consejos para el embarazo y postparto / Pregnancy (and after birth) advice

¡Echa un vistazo al vídeo, son sólo dos minutos y es información muy valiosa si estás embarazada!


The “Colegio Profesional de Fisioterapeutas de la Comunidad de Madrid (CPFCM)” has created that video offering important advice to pregnant women. Give a look!!

Pregnancy advice:

  • By attending antenatal classes you will learn pelvic movements, stretching exercises, dilation positions, breathing and relaxing techniques and also how to take care and prepare your pelvic floor for the birth. (if you are interested in English antenatal classes visit www.pregnantbarcelona.com)
  • If you do perineal massage from the 34th week of pregnancy you will minimize any pelvic floor damage (it is better if you have been guided, at least once, by a specialized physiotherapist).
  • Be active during your pregnancy to improve blood circulation, posture and fitness for the birth.
  • It is recommended to sleep on your left side, using pillows between the knees and under the belly (the breastfeeding one can be very useful!) to be more comfortable, you will rest better.

After birth advice:

  • During the postpartum quarantine do not exert yourself or carry weight, try to avoid standing for long periods of time and avoid lying face down to facilitate the womb recovering.
  • After the postpartum quarantine a specialized physiotherapist may visit you to check your pelvic floor. If you are having problems such as urinary or faecal incontinence, constipation or sexual dysfunction this professional can help you.
  • If everything is fine, doing preventive exercises such as hypopressives may help you to reinforce your abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor. Visit www.pregnantbarcelona.com to find out more about them!
  • Place the crib, the tub or the stroller in a proper height to avoid forced positions or overstraining.
  • While breastfeeding, use pillows to disperse the weight of your baby and always be comfortable. Pay attention to not raise your shoulders.
  • Avoid doing abdominal crunches as they can damage your pelvic floor.
  • Ask your physiotherapist what kind of physical exercise you can do and when you can start it.
antenatal classes in Barcelona

Would you like to take antenatal classes in English?

We are both birth partners who deeply love woman giving birth. Elisabeth is midwife at Hospital Sant Joan de Déu and Vicky is doula since 2010. The aim of our antenatal classes is to improve your skills and confidence, as well as preparing you for a positive birth experience. We would like to help both partners get involved in the preparation for labour, birth and early parenthood.

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In October we start a new group in Barcelona.

  • On Wednesdays in Enric Granados 135, 3-1 (between Paris and Corsega) (7th , 14th , 21th and 28th of October and 4th of November).

The course is five sessions and there are two options:

OPTION A: Only theoretical. The coursetakes from 19h to 20h and it costs 100€.

The topics covered are:

  1. The birth stages. The medical vision: What to expect and when to go to the hospital?
  2. Practical aspects of the labour process, tricks and more
  3. What can you do to cope with every stage of the birth? And your partner?
  4. The birth plan: You’ll get all the information to be able to express your preferences
  5. Keys for breastfeeding successfully

OPTION B: Theoretical and practical exercises “Parto y Movimiento”.The course takes from 19h to 21h and it costs 150€. www.partoymovimiento.com

In addition to the theoretical part, there is an adequate corporal preparation to enjoy your pregnancy and birth next to your partner. You will experiment how breathing and movement can be allies in your birth.

[…]We took anti natal classes. Their calm, positive and loving attitude calmed me down big time, gave me trust and prepared us for our little miracle. I can’t recommend her enough! I truly believe all couples; especially expat couples need someone like them by their side.

Sev, James and Luca

[…]We felt they gave good advice and information with no bias as to which options were the best for us. Her knowledge and experience of different birth scenarios helped us to prepare the birth plan that we wanted and her vibrant and friendly personality kept us calm and made us feel supported and cared for throughout the process.

Sarah, Adam and Thomas

For further information, please contact Vickydoula 687986913, vickydoula@gmail.com or Pregnant in Barcelona.