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Having a doula after the birth…

We are a German English couple living in Barcelona and I was looking for a doula to support us with the birth of our first child. I really enjoyed the first informal get-to-know meeting with Vicky over a cup of coffee. Vicky is energetic and warm-hearted and I immediately felt that I can trust her.
Things went a bit differently and we had a planned C-Section, but I called Vicky for postpartum support a couple of days after birth. I should have called her sooner! I actually only whatsapped Vicky telling her that we are home but that our son lost quite a lot of weight already and the doctors only give us one more day before we need to add supplements. She was at our home within a day and showed us how to solve the situation without having to use formula. When she left, we felt so much more confident and our son finally gained weight. Vicky also helped me with sore nipples, learning different breastfeeding positions and a better latch on. Within days the sore nipples were gone. Halleluja! What a relief that is.
Looking back I can only say that I should have asked for help sooner. Of course there is also help in the hospital, but here in Spain it is usually not a midwife that is assigned to you specifically. You will have different nurses and midwives running their shifts. They are good, no question, but they all have different techniques and opinions and that can be very confusing for a first-time mum. I love that Vicky is so practical and a real problem-solver who can boost your confidence to deal with the daily challenges of early motherhood.
I can definitely recommend having a doula not only for birth support, but especially for postpartum support.
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