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When I became pregnant I started to look for doula in Barcelona. We are foreigners and my husband travels a lot because of his work. I was afraid that he might not be able to be around on time in case I give the birth earlier. What a huge relief when I found Vicky’s website.
Vicky was great support from the beginning. She is very energetic, happy and friendly person. It is easy to recognise that she is experienced and loves her job very much. I can not thank her enough for her help during my pregnancy and also after the birth. When we had any doubts I was always confident to contact her knowing she is going to help us. During my last weeks of pregnancy my husband worked a lot. It was really nice to know that there is a person I could rely on and I am not alone if something happen.
As we are already planing to have another baby I can definitely say that we will contact Vicky again.
Family Kindt
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