Testimonial of Lanham family

When looking for a Doula my main aim was to find someone to speak Catalan or Spanish for us at the birth, I wasn’t really sure we needed one for anything else…
After a recommendation from a friend we met Vicky when I was about 20 weeks pregnant. When discussing the birth she made me feel relaxed about hospitals, methods, possibilities and also explained her own experiences. Walking away from that first meeting I already felt happier and more relaxed about dealing with pregnancy and childbirth in Barcelona.
Things all went a bit mental at 28 weeks (6 months) pregnant. I was admitted to hospital for 3 weeks with preterm labour and other complications. I was in our private hospital, Clinca Corachan. Vicky visited 2-3 times every week, helping with the language barrier and bringing me essentials and snacks. She was incredibly thoughtful and considerate. Luckily baby Oscar decided to wait a bit longer.
When I was released from hospital at 31 weeks pregnant I was put on strict bedrest – no activity except showers – and told he could come anytime! Vicky visited regularly, even bringing pasta dishes to help George. She said wonderful things that kept me so positive and reminded me to work on one day at a time. As the weeks passed at home we realised that i may actually hold Oscar until he was full term! Vicky then helped me switch to the public health service as they would suit my natural birth wishes more than the private insurance service. Vicky also then gave us private Antenatal classes at home because I couldn’t get out to her classes.
At 38 weeks, after months of crossing my legs, we were told that I needed to be induced due to mild preeclampsia. We met Vicky at the hospital about 5pm, labour started at 6pm and Oscar had arrived by 1.30am! Vicky was there from start to finish, she was my guiding light through the quick and intense birth. She translated the midwifes and ensured George knew what was happening whilst encouraging his involvement. She kept me focused and breathing correctly, because of her support I managed the labour with only gas and air as pain relief.
After the birth Vicky also helped me breastfeed with no pain or soreness, she taught me various positions and how to get a correct latch, and Vicky helped us with our extensive paperwork and appointments to get Oscar registered.
It is impossible to put a value on Vicky’s work, she has been a lot more than a translator! She has supported us though 3 crazy months, at the birth of our first child and I hope she will remain a friend now. She has been my guardian angel, I felt determined, positive and strong throughout a difficult pregnancy and an intense birth, and for this, more than anything else, we thank Vicky. She will always have a place in our family’s lives.
We hope that many people get to share Vicky’s wealth of knowledge and kindness, we recommend her highly to all expecting couples.
Huge love and thanks
The Lanham Family


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