Testimonial of Toka, Doncho and Veselin

Hello! My name is Togzhan, I’m 33 and I am a mother. The last part is the most pleasant to write about myself. Firstly, because I’ve been waiting for my baby way longer than 40weeks but rather last several years , secondly it’s a great pleasure of all pleasures to be a mother in spite of all possible difficulties or worries. In fact, one of the biggest challenge is the beginning of that journey-Delivery.

I’ve started preparing myself before the date psychologically and physically and to make the process more informing I did a research on “doula service” and it was one of the luckiest thing in my life to find doula Vicky in Barcelona. Being a foreigner with little Spanish plus low knowledge in healthcare of new country it’s not easy to get maximum of a comfort for pregnant lady. However with Vicky the whole process was much more pleasant and most important it gave me confidence and security. My husband and I went through special classes before delivery where we were trained and tutored from the scratch with all necessary information without counting her own time. She is trained and experienced in childbirth and is mother herself. She has a good knowledge and awareness of female physiology. She works on keeping birth normal and empowering, and though my birth become complicated and required medical assistance, she still remained by my side and gave confidence and assisted us through the decision making process and provided balanced information on the situation. Her knowledge of three languages and fluent understanding of my accent was a bonus.

She became my friend who gave me support and belief in myself even after birth when I faced some problems with lactation and child care. She instructed but let my own intuition do the job and was helping me to listen and trust it more. My husband was skeptical in the beginning to use a doula service but after all he appreciated it the most.

Vicky has amazing personality, her sincerity and kindness is limitless and she will stay in my heart forever. Thank you!

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