Testimonial of Sarah and Adam (Tomas parents)

After a relaxed meeting with Vicky where she outlined the doula services she could provide we decided we would like her to be at our birth. We felt Vicky gave good advice and information with no bias as to which options were the best for us. Her knowledge and experience of different birth scenarios helped us to prepare the birth plan that we wanted and her vibrant and friendly personality kept us calm and made us feel supported and cared for throughout the process.
Vicky was quick and organised when we called to let her know that labour had begun. She arrived at our house with a taxi ready and ensured we had everything we needed. Her stamina throughout the labour was incredible, she guided us through the breathing techniques which we had completely forgotten and spent hours massaging my back through the contractions, at my request, both things eased the pain greatly. Vicky is calm and loving and does the job because she loves the experience and wants to make birth a positive experience for couples – we don’t believe our experience would have been as positive had she not been there.
With Spanish not being our native language Vicky was quick to translate and assist not only during the birth but with explanations before and after when needed. The aftercare she provided at the hospital and in the home with paperwork and breastfeeding was above and beyond our expectations and we would have struggled greatly without her support in these areas.
Words are not enough to express how thankful we are that we met Vicky. We would ask Vicky to be at the birth of any other children we have and can whole heartedly recommend her as a doula.

Sarah & Adam – parents to Thomas 3.5kg, born naturally in the water at Maternitat hospital with no interventions or pain relief.

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