Zoe’s Testimonial

“I found Vicky with a simple Google search and luckily I found someone that gave my husband and I the confidence we were lacking going into parenthood.

We went to her prenatal classes, which were fantastic. We covered the theoretical side, but mainly focused on the practical reality of having a baby. The classes were delivered with such passion for the subject; Vicky clearly loves her job and has a wealth of experience to offer her clients. Our group also expressed interest in doing an additional class to cover the ‘what happens after’; so looking at nappy changing, colics, bathing etc. This was extremely useful, especially as my husband and I were pretty clueless when it comes to babies.

Vicky also helped me enormously with breastfeeding. We did a dedicated breastfeeding prenatal class, and until then I had no idea that breastfeeding was such an art. I therefore watched lots of YouTube videos and spoke to friends about their experiences to help me when I got started. When my baby was handed to me straight after birth and the nurse helped me get the initial latch, but sadly I ended up with a little lesion on one nipple, which was painful. After all the advice Vicky gave I knew it was important to get the technique right from the very beginning. Knowing that Vicky also works as a breastfeeding consultant I messaged her from my hospital bed to see if she could come by and help me at some point over the subsequent days. She came 3 hours later, and spent a good hour or so working with me on technique and positioning. From then on my lesion healed, and luckily I had no cracked nipples or bleeding.

In the UK we have a health visitor that comes to check all is well a few days after you arrive home from hospital. As this doesn’t happen here we decided that a visit from Vicky, a week or so later, would be good to ask a few questions, correct any breastfeeding bad habits and just tell us that we’re doing OK.

All in all I couldn’t recommend Vicky enough.”

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