Birth Plan Barcelona

Are you about to give birth? Have you already plan how would you like your birth? So probably you already know what a birth plan is, but just in case… We will explain you a bit more of what it is!

If you plan to give birth in Barcelona probably your doctor already talk about the birth plan, here you can find the template of La Maternitat (Birth Hospital in Barcelona). If you don’t have a template or still hesitate how to fill it I’m going to give you some questions you need to answer on your Birth Plan.

1. Birth Plan

  • Keep your birth plan as concise as possible—and make sure your partner and relevant family members, like your mom or sister, know your wishes too (hospital staff can be notorious for not reading birth plans thoroughly).
  • Make sure your doctor already have it before you go to give birth.

2. Who?

  • Who do you want or (sometimes more importantly) don’t you want in the delivery room? Any special instructions (everyone stays north of your belly button, for example)?

3. How?

  • Do you want anything special in the room, like a labor playlist on your iPod?
  • Would you like to move around during labor?
  • Want pain-relieving meds ASAP, or are you adamant about trying a drug-free birth? (Many preggo women have a strong stance on this matter. If that’s you, make sure your doctor’s well aware of it).
  • How do you feel about being induced?
  • At what point or under what circumstances would your doc perform a C-section? Are you likely to need one (because you’re carrying twins or have a health condition that increases your odds), and is there anything you can do to avoid having one?
  • How often and in what situations does your doc do episiotomies? If you feel strongly about avoiding one, ask how you can prevent tearing during labor.
  • Do you want Dad to cut the umbilical cord? Will you bank the cord blood?
  • How soon after the baby’s born will you and your hubby get to hold her/him?
  • When will baby’s first feeding occur?
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