When to call me, your doula?

When to call me, your doula?

Obviously, if I’m your doula I will be available for you anytime during your pregnancy, so feel free to text, email or call me anytime, but I especially want to hear from you after any of these events.

  1. After a Doctor Visit

I would love to hear any updates from your doctor appointments, we will be in touch. If you need me to come with you to translate or clarify doubts don’t hesitate in contacting me.

I’m here to support you in any situation!

  1. Consistent contractions for One Hour

Some women prefer to contact me as soon as they feel contractions, some other they prefer to wait until they have consistent contractions. Of course I’m open to any situation.

I strongly recommend that your partner contact me at least when you have contractions that are consistent for one hour, so we can discuss about length, frequency an intensity.

  1. When your water breaks

If your water gushes or if you suspect a leak, call first your doctor to check next steps and then… call me!

Remember to explain your doctor about color, odor, amount and time about your water!

  1. Other signs

If you have any other sign of alarm (bleeding, constant pain, temperature, etc) you will have to go to emergencies. I can go with you but contact first your doctor or midwife.

And if you want that I become your doula, please contact me in info@doulabarcelona.com

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