Overcome Your Fear of Childbirth

Would you like to have a fearless birth? A birth you can look forward to?And would you like to know exactly how you can prepare for it?

Unfortunately a lot of women believe that giving birth is one of the worst experiences in a woman’s life and some women even choose not to have children because they are so scared of it. However, there are a lot of things we can do and here they are:

Number 1 – Trust Your Body: Women all over the world have given birth for thousands and thousands and thousands of years and in fact our amazing bodies are designed to give birth, right? Looking at it from an evolutionary standpoint, that’s really all we’re here for. Seeing other mammals give birth, they usually do this all by themselves and most of the time at night when it’s dark and quiet, shhhh and they are undisturbed.  I do want you to take away from this is that your body knows what it’s doing. And even more so when you’re treating yourself well during your pregnancy! So trust your body!

Number 2 – Choose Your Birthing Team Wisely: Ideally you want to have a team including your birth partner, and that can be your intimate partner, your mum, a good friend, or your sister; a doula who will help both you and your partner with all sorts of things during labour and birth, a midwife and then depending on your personal preferences and financial situation, you might even consider hiring a photographer who can capture your memories. Of course you only want to work with people you trust.

Number 3 – Keep Positive: If you’re scared of giving birth, which is probably why you’re here. I’m sure you’ve been inundated with horror stories, be it by your mum, friends and other family members, or movies, tv shows, pictures… Keep all of those stories out of your life from now on and if someone (and there always seems to be someone while you’re pregnant) wants to tell your about their negative experience, ask them to wait until after your birth. You can say something along the lines of: “Hey, I’d love to hear your birth story, but I’d really prefer to talk about it after I’ve given birth.”Is is important to take antenatal classes that will help you to understand the process and to be prepare for birth.

Number 4 – Relax: Now, THIS is super important and something I go into in a lot more detail as to how to actually do this, in my classes, but to give you the quick version: You want to relax your mind completely, because a relaxed mind means your whole body and especially your pelvic muscles will be relaxed as well, which is exactly what we want to help your baby make its way out more easily and stress free. And ONE amazing way to do this is by imagining yourself outside at the beach, up on a mountain or even in your own garden, whatever calms your mind and your body.

Number 5 – Breathe: When you’re relaxed, you will naturally breathe deeper into your belly, which is so important for labour and birth.

Number 6 – Hum Your Baby Down: Breathe or hum your baby down and that’s something you want to be doing at the end instead of pushing. Most of us believe that we have to push the baby out and yes, most women actually feel the natural urge to push at the very end, and so did I. However, if you’re pushing too soon with too much force, you’re causing the sphincters of your vagina to close right in front of your baby’s head, which can slow down the process a lot. So hum your baby down.

Number 7 – Connect with Your Baby: You want to be doing this throughout your pregnancy and especially during labour and birth. And what I mean by this is to check in with your body and your baby throughout the day, get quiet and relaxed and just feel how your belly feels. Can you feel your baby moving? even if it’s just tiny movements? So often we only really feel them once we go to bed after a hectic day, when we lie down and finally calm down. Communicate and bond with your baby as much as you can. And then of course during labour realise that your baby getting closer to you, closer and closer with every single surge.


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