Stages of Labor

Stages of labor

If you feel a little nervous about giving birth, there are things you can do that can help you. For example, knowing what will happen during labor. So let me explain a little more about the stages of labor.

Before labor

You can have frequent contractions such as Braxton-Hicks, which can be painful, but they are not regular and, so far, have not entered into labor. In the final stage of pregnancy, the cervix becomes blurred to prepare for labor. Up to 3 cm dilation is considered prepartum.

First stage of labor

The cervix becomes thinner and dilates to 10 cm. Normally, the hospital will accept you as a parturient as soon as you are dilated by more than 3 cm.

3-5 cm. Early labor

5-8 cm. Active work

8-10 cm. Transition

Second stage of labor

This stage is known as the expulsive phase. You are already dilated 10 cm. And your baby is going to be born. You will have to press during the contractions until the little one is born.

Third stage of labor

After the baby is born, you continue to have contractions so that the placenta can be born.

Fourth stage

The two hours after birth is when breastfeeding is established. The contractions continue for the uterus to contract.

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