How to manage labour fears

How to manage labour fears

It is totally normal to be scared of labour. Probably Hollywood didn’t make it easy for us, a lot of pain, blood and unexpected births appear in a lot of movies but… Don’t worry, your labour is not going to be like that!

Many women have anxiety around delivering a baby, they fear the prospect of pain or needing to have interventions. Others are simply scared of becoming a parent.

The good news is that you can handle that!!

  1. Information

Information is the key: read and take an antenatal course. Ask as many questions you have to your doctor and you will see how fears go away.

Look for an antenatal course that trains you to cope with pain and fears: breathing will be your best friend and there are some tips to be more relaxed during labour.

I can offer you a group antenatal course or private classes. You can write to me and I will give you more details :

  1. Talk about it

Don’t keep this fear only for you: talk about it!

Expressing your thoughts can help you understand them, which will give you insight into how to cope. And while it may be tempting to avoid thinking about labour, ignoring your worries can make the fear grow. In some cases, it can also affect your mental health during pregnancy.: if fear is not addressed, it can manifest as depression or anxiety.

  1. Go team

Picking the right people to be with you can help reassure you. A strong ally, like a doula or your partner, can advocate for you, especially if you go in with a birth plan that everybody is comfortable with.

Just remember, no matter how scared you are, you will get through it!

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