Pain relieve for birth available in Barcelona Hospitals

Pain relieve for birth available in Barcelona Hospitals

Labour can be a really intense experience, strong and painful in some moments… Today we have several options for pain relive during birth. So today I will explain you want kind of pain relieve you have available in Barcelona Hospitals!

1. Self-help in labour

You’re likely to feel more relaxed in labour and better placed to cope with the pain if you:  learn about labour, to know what is going to happen can make you feel more in control and less frightened about what’s going to happen. Also you can talk to your midwife or doctor, ask them questions, and go to antenatal classes learn how to relax, stay calm, and breathe deeply keep moving.

In my antenatal classes you will learn how your position can make a difference, so try kneeling, walking around, or rocking backwards and forwards bring a partner, friend or relative to support you during labour.

2. Gas and air (Entonox) for labour

It is available in some hospitals of the public system in Barcelona.

This is a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide gas. Gas and air won’t remove all the pain, but it can help reduce it and make it more bearable. Many women like it because it’s easy to use and they control it themselves. You breathe in the gas and air through a mask or mouthpiece, which you hold yourself. The gas takes about 15-20 seconds to work, so you breathe it in just as a contraction begins. It works best if you take slow, deep breaths. Side effects there are no harmful side effects for you or the baby it can make you feel light-headed some women find that it makes them feel sick, sleepy or unable to concentrate – if this happens, you can stop using it If gas and air doesn’t give you enough pain relief, you can ask for a painkilling injection as well.

3. Epidural

It is really common in Spain. An epidural is a special type of local anaesthetic. It numbs the nerves that carry the pain impulses from the birth canal to the brain. It shouldn’t make you sick or drowsy.

For most women, an epidural gives complete pain relief. It can be helpful for women who are having a long or particularly painful labour. An anaesthetist is the only person who can give an epidural, so it won’t be available at home.

How much you can move your legs after en epidural depends on the local anaesthetic used. Some units offer “mobile” epidurals, which means you can walk around. However, this also requires the baby’s heart rate to be monitored remotely (by telemetry) and many units don’t have the equipment to do this. Ask your midwife if mobile epidural is available in your local unit. An epidural can provide very good pain relief, but it’s not always 100% effective in labour.

4. Water during labour

Being in water can help you relax and make the contractions seem less painful. Ask if you can have a bath or use a birth pool. You can find a birth pool in Maternitat and Sant Joan de Deu.  The water will be kept at a comfortable temperature, but not above 37.5C, and your temperature will be monitored.

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