Sleeping better during pregnancy

Sleeping better during pregnancy

Yes, sleeping and pregnancy can go together! It is true that during the lasts months of pregnancy going to sleep can be a hard because your body is changing rapidly, you have a lot of things on your mind, and it may get more difficult to find a comfortable sleep position.  Sleeping better during pregnancy is possible if your know how!



Before you go to sleep, (about one hour before) find something that can make you laugh, real belly laughter can help release any tension left from the day. Watch a funny movie or YouTube video. Watch silly videos, read something that makes you smile. Stop worrying. I know — easier said than done. But it’s important not to worry about sleep.Don’t think about fulfilling a required number of hours; just assess how you feel. Don’t lie awake worrying that you’re not sleeping enough for your baby. Let your body do its natural work.


A pregnancy aerobic workout, prenatal yoga, a walk, whatever it is you want to do — get up and move! Dance! Try to keep from exercising late in the day, because the increased adrenaline of an “exercise high” can linger and make it harder for you to fall asleep.

Careful with eating habits

Eat your meals, especially later ones, at a leisurely pace. Spend your dinnertime unwinding a bit. Avoid caffeine and alcohol — both are detrimental to the sleep cycle. If frequent trips to the bathroom keep you up at night, limit your fluid intake late in the day. Try hot milk and honey, or hot almond milk and honey, the combination is known to promote sleeping.

Make your bedroom a sleep sanctuary.

If you’re having bouts of insomnia, this may not be the best time to set up the home office in the bedroom. Surround yourself with pictures of happy babies, mothers breastfeeding their babies and any picture that will put a smile on your face. Be gentle with yourself, you have all the knowledge you need to bring this child into the world, it is written in your DNA. Let go, and let the Mother cuddle you in her arms for a full night of sleep.

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