Vicky is energetic and warm-hearted and I immediately felt that I can trust her. I can definitely recommend having a doula not only for birth support, but especially for postpartum support.
Vicky Doula Barcelona
Serge, Florence and Aiden
We found Vicky via her website and after our first time meeting with her knew that we had not only found a Doula but also a great new friend. Both of us felt so comfortable talking to her we had no doubt of using her services during the pregnancy and delivery. The morning after giving birth to Aiden Vicky came to visit us (bringing delicious treats), giving us some great tips and suggestions and to help us complete the paperwork for the birth certificate (she even offered to join us to register Aiden!)
We can highly recommend using her services. She is not only a very knowledgeable Doula but also a great person.
Marta Milleiro
¡La ayuda de Vicky ha sido la clave para el éxito de la lactancia de mi hija!
La lactancia de mi hijo mayor fue muy muy complicada (dolor, mastitis, tomas muy largas durante 5 meses) a pesar de asesoramiento de varios expertos- nunca llegó a funcionar del todo. Por eso con mi segunda hija; quise asegurarme un buen arranque y contar con el apoyo de una asesora nada más nacer. Llegué a Vicky a través de Alba lactancia y fue maravillosa desde el principio. La llamé; le expliqué cómo había sido la lactancia anterior. Quedamos que vendría al hospital nada más nacer la niña y así fue. Su asesoramiento fue clave en el arranque (hospital) para asegurar buen agarre y postura desde el principio; así como su ayuda ante dificultades iniciales (subida; grietas)... y gracias a su apoyo llevo dos meses de una lactancia estupenda! Gracias Vicky!”
Hice el taller de Parto y Movimiento con Vicky y Didi y tengo que decir que ha sido maravilloso. El taller consistía en 3 sesiones en pareja y cubría los tres grandes temas de la fase de dilatación, la fase de expulsión y el plan de parto. Vicky transmite toda esta información, que a veces puede asustar o parecer difícil, con mucha alegria, seguridad y luz. Explica las cosas tal y como son, sin dejar sorpresas. Estoy mucho más clara en lo que quiero y lo que no quiero para cuando llegue el gran día de recibir a mi bebé en brazos. Me quedo con la frase: si tantos billones de mujeres han podido parir a tantos hijos, por que yo no puedo hacerlo?   Gracias, Vicky, por hacernos sentir más seguros y tranquilos para lo que viene!
Natalie Smith
Choosing a doula means choosing someone who will share one of the most important, vulnerable and intimate experiences of your life, and we feel very lucky that we found Vicky to be that person. When meeting Vicky for the first time we were immediately reassured that her priority was to support us by understanding us as a couple and by listening to our specific hopes and concerns around the birth. This meant that not only were we supported by Vicky's strong professional knowledge and experience but we also found great emotional support through her being a genuine, caring and sensitive person. When looking back on our birth experience we will always be grateful for Vicky being a part of it and we would recommend her to others without any hesitation!
Martina Silber
“ What do you say to someone when “thank you” just isn’t enough? That’s exactly how I feel about all the support Vicky has given me and my husband before, during and after the birth of our first son. From the first moment I met Vicky I was sure she had the right experience and even more important, the heart in the right place, to give us the confidence and guidance during labour. What I did not expect was the countless of tips & tricks she also gave us after our son was born. She really improved all of our well-being those first earthshaking days after labour. I want to thank Vicky from the bottom of my heart for everything she’s done for us, I cannot recommend her enough!
Sasha Sarokin
Vicky was an absolute blessing in the early days of Chloe’s arrival, and throughout our early months.  Vicky joined us whilst we were still in the hospital to share her breastfeeding expertise, and she quickly being my coach, translator, and champion during some very trying doctor’s visits, not to mention giving regular visits at home to provide support and advice around the many questions we had as new parents.  Vicky feels more like a wonderful and deeply knowledgeable friend that brings love and warmth for both you and your child.  Her calming effect was deeply helpful to our little new family, and her knowledge is significant and diverse.  I cannot imagine my early months with Chloé without thinking of Vicky’s wonderful participation and influence.  She even coached me in the early days of returning to my postpartum fitness- I did the course of hypopressive method and the results were amazing!
she is the most multifaceted mother and child expert I’ve had the pleasure to know.