Antenatal Clases Online in English from Barcelona September 2021

Antenatal Course Online in English from Barcelona September 2021 (new group)

Prepare yourself for a positive birth experience! New group: Antenatal Course in English and French in Barcelona!

As It seems that due to the actual situation, we won’t be able to meet in groups in closed places, I am organising a new online antenatal course starting in September. I will use the Zoom platform and I will share with you the codes before starting the course.

I have managed to make the online classes very dynamic using videos, pdf’s and power points… the fact of being all connected enables each of us to ask and discuss about ideas you might have in mind, therefore the course is very rich. Furthermore, I will let you know all the news I’ve got about hospitals, protocols and any information that may be useful and interesting for you.

Through the course you will improve your skills and confidence, experimenting a wide variety of positions and movements that combined with the breathing will be your allies in your birth.

The aim of the course is for you to experience your childbirth consciously and positively with your partner by your side. You will get tricks to help you to cope with every stage of birth, as well as keys for breastfeeding successfully. The antenatal course will prepare yourself for a positive birth experience.

In September 2021 we start a new group in Barcelona

September: 3rd, 10th & 17th from 19h to 20:30h

The first session we will talk about what to do during the first stage of labour (prelabour) and begining of Dilation stage. The role of your partner is very important due to the actual situation. My suggestion is trying to stay at home as long as possible. Therefore it is crucial that both of you know what to do and what to avoid to go through this stage of labour as calm as possible. At the end of the course I am sure you both will feel very confident about it!!

The second session we will talk about Dilation stage, positions for dilation and birth, breathing, massage and Delivery of the baby, with or without anesthesia.

The last session we will go through a birth plan. I will share with you a hospital one written in English and in Spanish so you can see the vocabulary options offered in different hospitals and clinics in Barcelona, and more…. Of course, i will give you my advice but i will never tell you what you have to choose. Furthermore, I will explain you all the options you’ve got so you can choose with your partner what are your wishes for your birth.

The fee of the course is 150€ per couple. To sign up I would need a first payment of 50€ into this account number ES12 2100 3369 7821 0046 7655 (it is my husbands’ Yazan El-kareh). Put your name as subject and the rest should be paid before the end of the course.

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Whatsapp: 687 98 69 13



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