Other places to give birth

In Spain and also in Catalonia, women have the possibility to give birth at home with a midwife or in a birth center.
In 2010, the Barcelona Nurse Association published the guide « Part a casa » (Giving birth at home) in order to unify the criteria in relation to home birth.
To be able to give birth at home you basically need:
  • To meet a specialized midwife before week 28 in pregnancy.
  • It is essential to have a low risk pregnancy, meaning that you must be pregnant with only one baby in cephalic position (head down).
  • To present your midwife with all ultrasounds and tests.
  • To sign a document giving your informed consent as a couple.
  • The birth at home only will be possible between weeks 37 to 42.
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Birth centers are places that allow you to give birth in a more “natural” way than in a hospital. They try to create an atmosphere of intimacy whilst having all materials and specialized personnel needed for the birth.
These houses are located close to a hospital in case of emergency. There is none at present in Barcelona: